How popular is hiking?

Well, after doing much research I have found some interesting things in regards to it. There are numerous trails used by individuals for hiking in North America and globally. Many individuals join hiking organizations to help make their interest more refreshing. The trail to the summit of Mount Washington, New Hampshire is the oldest trail that is still being in use currently.

This was actually started in 1819. As of right now, the number of individuals participating in hiking has increased to over thirty-seven million. Most of these activities occur within the national parks. The main reason for this popularity could be financially-related.
This particular activity appears to bring with it some health benefits as well. Studies have shown that active walking brings with it a lower risk of heart disease or stroke.

So it appears that all of that walking and climbing does eventually pay off at the end. However, it does bring some risks with it as well. One of those are possible attacks by wild animals. Second, there is the chance of getting lost on a trail that isn’t recognizable. Third, not having enough water or food can bring with it the risk of thirst and starvation in the event an individual gets lost on the trail.

However, with enough safeguards and preparation, anyone can enjoy hiking to the fullest. With the high number of individuals taking on this hazardous activity, it appears that it will be around for a long time.