Best hiking tips for beginners

So now you started caring about yourself and want to stay fit. But there are few obstacles between you and your fitness such as you cannot get up early and have run or your schedule is too tight to allow you to hit the gym. Then hiking may be the solution to all those problems.

Understanding Hiking


People tend to confuse hiking with trekking, but both are different from each other. In a nutshell, Trekking is taking a long journey for days, on foot on usually uncharted paths where there are no means of transport is available. Whereas hiking refers to long, vigorous walks taken on trails in the countryside, and its duration varies from person to person.

How hiking helps you?


What If you can build good endurance and strength just while exploring your surroundings and having fun then you would always love such workout. Hiking has following effects on your body.

  • If you hike regularly, then it can reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure levels, thus strengthening your heart and reducing the chance of strokes.
  • Hiking provides all your muscles a decent workout thus lowering the blood sugar level thus it can control and even prevent diabetes.
  • An hour of hiking can burn up to 550 calories, thus reducing the extra calories and keeping you fit.

Apart from this hiking have countless other benefits which we would be discussing some other day.